Annuities provide an income you can’t outlive.  

It is often said that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is true when it comes to retirement income.  Thus, it is especially true in today’s employment landscape where pensions are becoming a thing of the past.  For that reason, annuities are becoming more popular with the younger generation.  However, they can be a good solution for anyone who wants to build a nest egg.

How do Annuities work?

Simply defined, an annuity is an insurance product designed to pay you an income over a period of time.  In that sense, they are are also considered investment contracts.  Accordingly, they can help you grow your savings, inheritance, and retirement portfolio.  In fact, they often provide you with retirement income that you cannot outlive. Thus, payments may begin immediately, or at some future date in exchange for a lump sum payment, or a series of payments made prior to start of the annuity. Thus, it really depends on your needs on how you structure the annuity.

Annuities may arise as a result of a structured liability settlement. They can provide either an immediate income stream, or an income stream at retirement  (or other future date) that transfers some of the risk of you outliving your money (“lifespan uncertainty”), to the insurer.

Accordingly, we offer Annuities from carriers with the highest ratings available.  Thus, we strive to achieve the highest current interest rates and shortest surrender charges.

*Note.  Annuities are complex with an array of product choices.  Accordingly, these could be fixed, variable or indexed.  Additionally, they can be deferred, or immediate.  And, they can be for both the qualified and non-qualified marketplaces.  In fact, many people are sold annuity products, but don’t really understand them.  Because of the complex nature of annuity products,  we recommend you contact an experienced agent to discuss possible benefits, risks, and costs.  Additionally, you may also discuss potential tax deferral advantages to see if annuities are a good fit for your financial plans.  If you would like more information, please click the “request a quote” above.  Then fill out the form and submit.  Then, we will contact you.

Informational Videos.

Annuities are complex.  However, our videos below help to make them easier to understand.  Thus, to learn more, click the play buttons below.

Roth Annuity

Indexed Annuity