Medicare Supplements

Augment your Original Medicare Parts A & B with an affordable Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are offered by private insurance carriers and coordinate with Original Medicare to cover the medical expenses that are not covered by Original Medicare Part A & Part B.

There are many different types of Medicare Supplement plans available and not all plans are offered by all private insurance carriers. The benefits found under each plan is standardized and approved by CMS. However, premiums can vary from one insurance carrier to another.

Ultimately, the best Medicare Supplement Plan is the one that fits your needs and is affordable.

When can I sign up for Medicare?

Annual Open Enrollment: October 15th through December 7th

You can change your Medicare health insurance plan only during the annual open enrollment period listed above, or if you have a qualifying event.

You can enroll in a new Medicare Advantage plan only if you already have Parts A & B.

Qualifying Events

When open enrollment is closed, there are special circumstances in which one may qualify to enroll outside of the enrollment period.

-You are turning 65
-When you move back to or out of the area
-You lose your current coverage
-Chronic Illness
-You require a SNP (Special Needs Plan)

Informational Video

Open Enrollment Begins

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